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Are you ready to see the programs you qualify for?

If you answered yes, we are excited to help you!  The next step is to make a loan application.
Like every individual – every loan is unique. We need to know more about your specific situation so we can show you which mortgage programs you can choose from.  Scissortail Financial Home Loans does not charge application fees or credit report fees, so there is no upfront out of pocket expense to get started.

There are many steps involved when deciding about a mortgage. We want to help you do it right and save money in the process.  This will save you a tremendous amount of time and reduce your stress as you move ahead towards making final decisions about your loan.

If you have not started and application, please complete one, here.

Once your application is complete, we will begin to gather your documentation to ensure you are preapproved for the loan program of your choice. We believe at Scissortail Financial in fully preapproving our borrowers using this documentation.  A lightweight prequalification is not enough for you to make sound decisions when it comes to a home loan. Specific information to make these choices and confidence that you will obtain full loan approval is what we want to provide to you.

The second step in the process is getting your documents to us for review. To facilitate this we use a secure Borrower Portal we call Floify. With Scissortail Financial you will be able to browse, attach, and upload your sensitive information without any security risk.  After your loan application has been submitted, we will send send you a notification of how to easily uploan your documentation and track your progress throughout the process.

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