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Our Professional Partnerships Are Key

We are committed to creating lasting, trusted relationships with Realtors, builders, bankers, financial planners, insurance agents, attorneys and tax professionals. Unlike other mortgage companies, our goal is to provide you and your customers with a simple, stress-free closing that leaves amazing impressions.


As we work through the home loan process with your client, we will communicate with you both every step of the way. Keeping you informed is crucial to a positive business relationship. That’s why we maintain an open dialogue from start to finish. Calling once a week is no longer sufficient in today’s past paced real estate environment.  For our clients purchasing a home, Scissortail Financial has a unique real time communication process that informs all involved parties when critical milestones occur.  This saves time, reduces stress, and removes the borrowers concern about status of their file.

On Time Closings

We know that closing can be a stressful time for home buyers. This anxiety can end up impacting the relationship between a Realtor/Builder and their client. That’s why we process all our loans locally and use program specific underwriting to ease the burden of stress with the borrower. This makes things more efficient and helps everything run smoothly so closing dates are met with ease.


Scissortail Financial does not believe in false promises.  Mortgage lending can be complicated, but we have found that if we stay honest about what is going on and provide realistic expectations, we can always make the process predicable.  Any chance we can find to reduce uncertainty is beneficial to everyone involved and we are clear about what we can or cannot accomplish. This starts with being accountable and dependable until the loan is closed and the keys are in the buyers hands!

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